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Angkor Wasp

I don't have enough words for "amazing" to describe the ruins at Angkor Wat. I had read about them, looked at pictures, watched a History Channel documentary, and I was still surprised and blown away. We still have several outlying sites to explore tomorrow and I think we will go back to the main site one more time while we are here. But, our day of exploring was almost disasterously de-railed when we disturbed a wasp nest while we were exploring a building away from the main area. We were standing on top of a five-foot high wall taking some pictures and we saw the nest up in the corner. I wasn't too concerned but apparently we were too close. The whole swarm shot at us - fast! We all leaped right off the wall and started sprinting across a field (I know it's been awhile since I have done anything that could be called "sprinting" but I'm pretty sure I was moving at record speed). We got lucky and only suffered a total of five stings, and after the adrenaline rush wore off we were able to enjoy exploring for the rest of the day!IMG_5013




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ANGRY WASPS at Angkor Wat.....too clever! I'm glad the damage wasn't worse. Love that spider picture. As for Shawn's hair...hmm. It looks kinda' military to me. :-) Looks like you've had great weather all along the way. It's mighty cold here.....brrrr. I love you! xoxoxo

by Mom

Loved catching up this morning!! Enjoy your outlying trip today. We miss you!

by S_J_Peterson

Yikes! I take it your histamines didn't decide to kick in!! Other than the wasp attack, sounds like a great day of exploring. Miss you guys!

by Sissa

Crazy! Glad you suffered a minimal number of stings. Love the pictures of this place. I, too, am surprised you can just climb all over this stuff....don't they know Americans will sue if we get hurt? :-/

by Kathy

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