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It's all the Euro's fault!

The next time I plan a year-long, around-the-world trip I am going to do everything right! When we were in Europe we just spent WAY too much money. We got hammered by a bad exchange rate and everything was SO expensive, plus we weren't really into our "travel groove" yet and we just spent more money than we needed to on hotels, cabs, food...pretty much everything. By the time we finally got into the swing of the low budget life we got hit with a couple of flights we hadn't planned on (like the extra one to avoid violence in Cairo and the one in India because we didn't realize the Diwali holiday booked up the railroad for weeks!) So then our budget was blown for Egypt and India! Plus, in India I couldn't tolerate the lowest end of the accomodation scale so we had to spend a little more to stay in some decent places - I admit I was a wimp in India.

Now we are in a beautiful place that we really like that is pretty inexpensive, but our original plans include some big budget places. So, we are making some changes and deciding to return to Thailand and stay a little longer, skip Bali, and (here's the biggest cut that hurts the most...) skip the safari in Africa. I'm hoping that if we do this there will still be some tiny bit left for us to hit a couple of the places in South America that were at the top of my original wish list.

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Bummer!!! Not the safari!!!! Totally get the logic though.You're next trip around the world will no doubt be better. .lol. What else was cut out if you're headed back to Thailand?

by Laura

No doubt you're disappointed, but you've already done so much more than many people have in their lifetime. And now that you're travel savvy, there's always next time! Love you guys!!

by Sissa

I count 12 countries on your list so far! You've certainly done and seen a lot in such a short time. You need to pat yourself on the back for all you've done and what you've learned along the way. You've proven that the most beautiful and enjoyable places aren't necessarily the touristy spots. Meeting a genocide survivor, working at an animal shelter, and playing with orphans are memories to cherish forever. Save a few bucks and go back for that safari 5 years from now.....OR just take another cruise on the Jungle Boat in Disneyland with me!!!

I am so very proud of you and the courage you've shown to make this journey. Squeeze as much excitement out of the bucks you have left and continue to enjoy what's ahead! Click a few more pictures like that little boy flying his "kite." That speaks volumes about your trip.

I love you!

by MOM

I am proud of you just like your Mom! She is right. You guys have done so much. Africa is my dream, so even if you miss the safari from what I have heard where you are going in Africa is beautiful and I want to see and hear it all from you! I've been waiting. I love looking and watching all the twists, turns and loves of your journey! Love you guys. Aunt Sheri

by scomaianni

Wish there was a "like" button here - I agree with both your mom and Sheri. Go as far as you can on your dollar and keep blogging - we're all living vicariously through you!

by Kathy

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