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Just living in Thailand

If we spend a total of three months here can I officially say I have "lived" in Thailand? I don't have any great excitement to report these days, but we are just enjoying life on Phuket. We plan to stick around here for another week or so, then move on to other parts of Thailand. Maybe one more National Park and another island. It feels a little like we're just drifting around without much of a purpose right now, but I guess that is the consequence of cutting out some of our destinations and staying in one place so long. I really wish I could learn some Thai, but as of now that language still completely escapes me.

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So...being in a place indefinitely, are you sleeping/living in a place that affords you the ability to cook and prepare meals? Or do you just eat out?

by Laura

Hey....nothin' wrong with that. How wonderful to find a comfortable spot! I'm wondering: when you return, will you be able to tell an authentic Thai restaurant and recognize the food quality? I remember Shawn searching for Thai food BEFORE this trip, when we were in Vancouver. Stay there and be happy 'til you return. Makes lots of sense after the whirlwind trip you've had so far. xoxox

by Mom

So glad to hear from you all. I was getting a little worried. Enjoy your time there and hope you get to see a little of Africa (my dream trip). Miss you all and think of you everyday. Kiska is doing fine and I have a talk with her daily about where you are and what you are doing! Love you guys. Aunt Sheri
Marty says, "hi" and wishes you well.

by sheri comaianni

Laura, we have a "kitchenette" I guess you could say. A fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker, a kitchen sink and a few dishes. No real meals, but at least we can snack for breakfast and lunch and only eat out for dinner. Not too bad!

by Pelham Family

It's so cold here right now! A lazy leisurely vacation with no agenda along the beach sounds wonderful!Have you tried Google translator? I actually use it in class sometimes....you type in a phrase, word, sentence, and choose the language you want it translated into, and it shows up there. Thai is only a keyboard away;-)

by kathy

Loved the pictures of your hike. How come there are no pictures of you! Let Bailey or Shawn document your presence. So what are your plans for the next few months? I talked to Laura at school yesterday and she was saying you revised your plans? Cats are still great and Sadie continues to enjoy playing with them. Even Amy's dogs and my daughter's golden retriever enjoyed Dusty!!! Enjoy your wonderful surroundings. Ginny

by Ginny Wickline

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