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Sorry, we told a bit of a fib...

Surprise, Mom!

Well, Shawn was having a strong need to get back to his businesses, Baylie was feeling pretty homesick, and I was finally forced to admit that we were basically out of money. So a few weeks ago my sister and I started working on a plan to surprise Mom with our very early homecoming. Erin invited Mom along on a day-trip to Disneyland (not a hard sell since my Mom is a bit of a Disney nut and going with her two little grandsons is something she would never pass up). Our big plan was to have them stop for a picture in front of the castle and we would magically appear to join in the picture. It worked out exactly as planned and there were screams, laughter, and tears all around.

Of course the fun of a surprise homecoming only lasts so long and then you realize, "Oh...we're home. Now what?" It's proving to be a harder transition than I expected.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who followed us along the way. It was a great feeling to know that we had a link to a familiar reality while we were jumping off into the unknown! I want to try to get Shawn and Baylie to help me with one last entry of each of our favorite things, what we each learned along the way, and the discoveries that will stick with us from now on. After that I guess this blog will sit idle until I can finally make it to South America (which might be sooner rather than later!) In the meantime, if anyone is planning an extended journey I would be happy to in my two cents and also follow your trip since mine is done.

:) Leslie

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Of all the Disneyland trips we've taken....and there have been many!....this was, by far, the most memorable and meaningful to me. When you were little, our rule was, "If we get separated, we'll meet on the bridge of the castle." We have been separated this past year, so there was no more perfect place for us to meet....and in the Happiest Place on Earth! You girls made me so happy. I'm still tearing up just thinking about our special Thursday....my kids and grandkids sharing moments of Disneyland together!! I loved it! What a grand homecoming and terrific surprise! Thank you so VERY much! I love you and am so happy to have you home again. xoxox

by MOM

Yeah!!!! So glad you are all home safe and sound, and really glad you got to surprise your mom. I can only imagine what the people all around you were thinking;-)

by Kathy

Ah, how fun! What an amazing journey you've been on! Good luck adjusting back to life in Bako. :) At least the weather is nice this weekend!

by Barbie

Glad you are home safe, be sure to post the picure at Disney Land in your final blog.

by Jody

Leslie, Shawn and Baylie, Who else would have the courage, time and money to do all the planning,make all the sacrifices, attempt and complete a fete such as yours except the Pelhams. Your blog was looked forward to every day and followed by people you have never heard of. John followed you on his atlas, you made my day brighter with comments and pictures. What a marvelous way to stay in touch and let all of us at home enjoy your "Travel Wonderland". Thank you for a real vicarious experience, love you all and so glad you are home.

by Toots

I've been looking for that Pelham post where you each tell your favorite (and least favorite?) parts of your trip. I hope you do it. It would be interesting, I'm sure. xoxo (So, so glad you're back home with us again.)

by MOM

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