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A Powerful Craving...not quite satisfied

So over the past year Baylie and I have gone back and forth between loving our beautiful comfortable home and being bored out of our minds with the drudgery of our normal routine. Shawn has been perfectly happy of course, because the truth is his life has never had much drudgery or routine anyway. So back in November, while Shawn was busy proving he could still ride dirtbikes and jetskis with guys half his age, I decided to let Baylie plan us a trip. Her requirements...PURE vacation. Beach every day, no tours or "excursions", no ruins, museums, or education in any form. Good plan, I thought! So after a tiny bit of research we settled on Cozumel for a quick Spring Break getaway.

Unfortunately, it proved to be too quick. When you only get five days, two days of gale force winds is kind of a vacation killer. There were some great things about the trip, but it just flew by too fast. Our visions of snorkeling every day and lounging for hours on the beach just did not happen. We salvaged these days with some marathon walks around town and shopping for snacks at the grocery store - both activities that immediately transported us back to our travel mind set, but we just didn't get that vacation escape we were looking for.

Something else that eluded us all week was amazing cheap food. Shawn had visions of taco carts dancing in his head from the last time he was riding in Baja, but he never found their match in Cozumel. Of course we knew there would be the strip of tourist restaurants - it is a cruise ship port after all. But we ventured well off the tourist track and still never found the convoy of street vendors we were hoping for. We did manage to find a couple of tiny little places with some good food, but that combination of super flavor and super cheap never materialized.

Ok, I am done complaining about paradise! The trip was fine. It just didn't scratch the travel itch. Luckily Baylie and I already have our next little leap in the works. Guatemala here we come...
Cozumel 004

Cozumel 004



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Well that was a buzz kill!

by Dana Petersen

Haha! I know, sorry! Watch some of Baylie's video, it will make up for it :)

by Pelham Family

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