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Extreme Brain Drain

So I sit for four hours a day across a small table from a very nice woman named Paulina and for the entire four hours I concentrate harder than I have ever concentrated before. Every bit of the very involved and complicated conversation is in Spanish. When she goes over rules of grammar or some new expression, the explanation is in Spanish. When I'm done for the day I discover that I can't think successfully in EITHER language. I really can't identify any one specific new thing that I have learned. I have definitely practiced every scrap of what I already knew, but I think this total immersion thing is for those people with some sort of natural knack for picking up languages. I need books, lists, organized lessons, Mrs. Charlesworth's verb conjugation worksheets from my high school Spanish class would be a welcome relief...this method of just magically absorbing knowledge simply because I am drowning in it is killing me!
On the other hand, Baylie sits on the beautiful rooftop with her nice young teacher and plays games...she's having a lovely time :)

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I posted your blog on Facebook and one of my friends commented that she spent 6 months in Antigua studying Spanish. Maybe they're trying to pour 6-months worth into your 3 weeks. (Frankly, that doesn't sound like fun to me. I, too, would rather join Baylie on the roof!) Adios mija! xoxoxo

by MOM

LOL! (Al parecer, no hay traducción española de esta expresión.) Entonces, ¿qué estáis haciendo después de la clase? Y, Shawn ha encontrado el volcán todavía?

by Kathy

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