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Packing Begins

I've made a couple of half-hearted attempts on my closet and clearing out bathroom cabinets, but today I tackled the kitchen with my first real commitment to packing up the house. It did not go well. There was WAY more stuff hiding in those kitchen cupboards than I ever would have guessed and for some reason, instead of feeling the excitement and sense of accomplishment I thought I would feel, I just got moody, irritable, and depressed.
Getting ready for this huge journey has been a roller coaster and I can definitely admit that I don't spend every moment in excited anticipation. I'm worried to the point of real fear, I expect to truly miss SO many little details about our great life here at home, I feel sorrow for the sacrifices all three of us have agreed to make, but it still feels like the most wonderful decision and completely RIGHT for us right now. The excitement will build again, today just felt like a change I wasn't quite ready for.

Posted by Pelham Family 16:15

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Wow....hard to get my head around what this must feel like....

by kdrewry

Keeping your eye on the prize surely must help. It's true that the change of lifestyle will be a shock, but as you've told me so often, it's only for a year. What a story you'll have to tell! xoxo

by Mom

There's nothing wrong with having a glass-half-empty day every once in awhile. Yes, you'll be living differently for a year, but you'll also be seeing and doing things that can never be done sitting on your comfy couch. Hang in there and keep working on those lists!

by Sissa

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