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We’re off! I’m so excited you would think I have never been anywhere before. I paid a little extra and sprung for “Premium Economy” seats with Virgin Atlantic. It’s most definitely a step up from regular coach, with several little perks that make it feel almost luxurious. But I managed to embarrass us less than an hour into our 10 hour flight when the stewardess handed me a cup of ice in a lovely little glass (real dishes being one of the upgraded perks) and I smashed it in my lap while trying to pull the tray table out of the arm rest. Spilled ice and broken glass in my lap were bad enough, then I realized that one of the shards was stuck in my thigh. So, I was trying to hide the fact that my leg was bleeding because the perfectly polite British stewardess was just too nice and I didn’t want her to feel bad. I had spent all day feeling so happy about my cool new black traveling pants, oh well…glad I stashed that sewing kit in my suitcase at the last minute.

We took the tube from the airport and made it successfully to the Pelham Hotel. We tried to force ourselves to walk around a little because going to sleep at noon goes against all the rules for combating jet lag, but all we managed to do was eat a sandwich from a bakery across the street. We have lost the battle for now and MUST take a nap!

If you zoom in and look closely right over Baylie's head you can see the entrance to The Pelham Hotel :)




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So happy your trip across the pond was (mostly) a success! Here's hoping a little broken glass is the ONLY accident during your month of adventures! Looks like nice weather! Big Hugs from home! xoxo

by Mom

Nothing like a little shard of glass to get you going....lol

by Laura Moore

Already having a bloody good time I see!! ??????

by Sissa

Battle scars! Did the receptionist say anything when she checked you into the Pelham Hotel? Perks? So happy you're on your journey!

by Kerry Bedell

Hi Kerry! The guy chuckled a little when we checked in, but we didn't get a "royal suite" unfortunately!

by Pelham Family

Hi !!! So glad you made it! Have fun ?

by Kim DeLaRosa

I cant wait for the lunch time stories from your trip. Apparently, its just plastic cups for you from now on.?. Safe travels ladies and enjoy.

by Marcia

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