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We found Utopia!

Ten hours is a long time to be on a plane, even when the flight is uneventful and relatively comfortable! We made it through airport security, which was suspiciously easy, going through customs actually seemed...voluntary - there were people having their suitcases scanned, but others just wandered right by. So we joined the people just wandering through and found our way to the car rental desk. Again...strangely simple. I feel like I just told the girl my name and she handed me a key and a card with a parking space number on it. We found a brand new, cute little Toyota and the key worked, so we drove away! Of course we ended up circling the airport once and then promptly getting on the freeway going in the wrong direction...but as soon as we were able to pull into a gas station and get our miraculous GPS up and running, we were off! We drove for a little over two hours in the direction of Kruger National Park with our sites set on the town of Nelspruit (which we finally deduced was called by a completely different name in our GPS and on several of the road signs). We planned to find a hotel once we got to Nelspruit, but the town felt a little "gritty" so we started looking at the lodges in the surrounding area. Lo and behold, we found "Utopia in Africa". A little pricey for our first night...but just what we needed after the long travel day.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Chimp Eden run by the Jane Goodall Institute before driving the rest of the way to our spot in Kruger National Park. In the meantime I will be sitting right here on the deck listening to the birds!





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Looks beautiful!! (I can just hear the birds!) As for your driving experience = my nightmares!! You know me! You are so brave! HI BAYLIE!!! xoxox

by Mom

Utopia. Kinda like your own little Tiki Room! Having fun reading about your adventures. Waiting for the next one.

by Brenda Kirby

I have read that Kruger buried millions of dollars of gold coins in Kruger National Park. Are you going to do a little treasure hunting?

by Kerry Bedell

I am so excited for the both of you. You look so happy doing the things you love to do the most. We miss you so much and be safe and happy traveling. Thinking about you guys every single day! Love you. Aunt Sheri

by Sheri Comaianni

Looks like you are having a good time. Stay on the right side if the road....which is the left of course. ?

by Marcia Wiens

Paulette suggested I check out your blog, as we leave tomorrow for South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. I loved seeing your pics, and reading about your adventures. I am not nearly as carefree a traveler as you, and every day is planned in advance, but I salute you and have enjoyed following along. We will be at several lodges in Krudger, also in the Kalahari, and a few days at Victoria Falls, as well as on the coast and in Cape Town.

by Diana Lobel

Hello Diana! Thanks for commenting :) I hope you have a wonderful trip. I am am actually somewhere in the middle between a completely "carefree" traveler and an obsessive planner (and truthfully, I lean more toward planner)! We will be leaving for Victoria Falls in about 4 days. Looking forward to it.

by Pelham Family

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