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Ok...last Lion King reference!

I still have not seen Simba, but I just can’t get the darn soundtrack out of my head! Today, after our freezing cold sunrise drive (which was beautiful, but mostly a bust as far as animal viewing goes), we went back to wandering around on our own. The signs in the park are great and there are tons of dirt roads that circle around and eventually lead back to the main road. We can go long stretches without really passing other people and everyone just stops when there is something interesting to see anyway, so it’s like our own private game drive.

I have lost count of how many elephants we have seen – they are everywhere! At one point we were on a dirt side road by ourselves and a whole herd just walked slowly across the road while we sat there with the engine off. It was surreal.

We also saw this huge snake, which I am sure was a puff adder (I looked in a book ), and when we drove around it, he leapt off the ground to flip himself in the other direction and shoot off into the bushes. Around the next bend were a couple of male bush bucks smashing their heads together and locking horns. Then, to top it off, we watched this eagle dive out of the sky after something and when we rounded the corner, there he was on the ground with a monkey in his talons. A MONKEY! It was awesome. Can’t wait to get back to some solid wifi so I can upload some pictures.

On a side note…Baylie and I are both ready for some GOOD food. We’re tired of the snack food and we haven’t really had a great meal since we’ve been here.

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