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I'll meet you in Chicago

An entire lifetime has passed in the ten years since I first started this blog. In the summer of 2011 I was planning a ridiculous, outlandish trip; I had a husband of 20 years and a beautiful, brilliant daughter that I was desperately (and very deliberately) trying to turn into an idealized version of the person I had always wanted to be. I had no idea what depression really was, but I had definitely been hovering around the edges of restless discontent for quite a while. We took that crazy trip, but, even crazier than that, we came home and...everything returned to normal. Life wasn't better - or worse - right away. Baylie didn't escape any of the normal difficulties of being a teenager, in fact many of the ordinary problems came with an extra serving of intensity that made a few of those years truly terrifying. Shawn and I didn't escape marital boredom, typical stresses, or the sad reality of infidelity. I dragged my family around the world to escape a malaise I could feel closing in on us from out there in the future, but it didn't work. That tidal wave of unexpected, and yet also totally predictable, unhappiness knocked our feet right out from under us, tumbled us against the rocks, and left us gasping for breath on the shore.

Everything has changed in the past ten years, except one thing. My need to escape to somewhere new with the travel partner I made from scratch. I realize that travel is something many people are still not considering, but we are choosing to hit the road. Ten days to reconnect with my bird that left the nest and flew away. Road-side stands and scenic viewpoints, playlists and pit-stops, rest areas and car snacks, historic markers and natural landmarks; it still feels like that is where life is waiting.

I am so excited to meet up with my favorite traveler at a layover in Chicago, then we are on to Niagara Falls. I figure this blog will have an audience I can count on one hand (hi mom), but it makes for a great way to record memories for myself. I can't even guess how many times I have clicked back through it over the years. So I'm going to take up a little space on the internet with my pictures and posts, even if no one ever looks at it but me.

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You are invited to stop off in Rochester when you visit Niagra Falls. We live only about 60 miles away. 661-808-1294, Remember, if you want to view the Falls from the Canadian side (recommended) you will need your US passport. Dorothy

by Dorothy Meyer

Hi Dorothy, thank you so much for the lovely offer. We will have our passports, but last I checked Canada still was not allowing US tourists. Maybe that has changed (I hope!).

by Pelham Family

Oh, Leslie!! This intro to your next excursion hit me hard. I want you to be happy. I know you'll love this trip with our girl. I'll be looking for pictures and anecdotes of East-coast escapades. What a nice offer from Dorothy! They are such great people and I know they'd love to show you around. Have a great time!! I LOVE YOU!

by MOM

Looking forward to pics and adventures!! xoxo

by Sissa

Cute pics of you two!! How do the falls compare to Victoria? I got a little carried away looking at the pics and didn’t realized I had transitioned to Zimbabwe. All of a sudden I thought What?!?!? Hippos in Niagara!!! Did they push them over in barrels? LOLOL

by Sissa

Hi Sissa 🙂 We both agree Niagara Falls has to take 2nd place to Victoria. We have SO much fun today exploring all over, but the actual falls can't quite beat the gorge in Zimbabwe.

by Pelham Family

Love, love, love this post! Following along wishing I was there with you two! What an awesome adventure you will have😃

by Kathy

Thanks Kathy 😊 I'm glad I have a few people who really know what the journey has been like.

by Pelham Family

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