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The Greyhound Bus of the sea

So Mykonos, and I'm sure all of the islands here, are pretty fancy places. I'm sure the actual fancy people arrive on private boats or planes and then get whisked away in their black Mercedes vans, never having to put down their champagne. We, on the other hand, arrived by cattle boat and the exit was like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie where the weary survivors are scrambling to be let in to the safe zone. The ferry had people sprawled and sleeping in the walkways, dogs barking at each other, and shockingly uncomfortable seats. When it was time to get off the announcement sounded more like an alarm and everyone hurried down to the garage level and huddled around a giant truck hauling hay. The sound of the engines and the screeching of the giant ramp being lowered was a fun touch. Alright, I know I'm being dramatic, but I pictured my arrival in the Greek isles more like a perfume advertisement and less like a prison break.


Once off the boat we headed for the road so we could walk to our hotel. Google maps assured me it was a 15 minute walk. It failed to mention that it was along a highway with no shoulder. So, in the sweltering heat, we dragged our bags through gravel, flattened ourselves against the wall when a truck rumbled by, and trudged UPHILL (of course it was up!) I have to admit, at this point Greece had a long way to go to win me over. I was absolutely not seeing the appeal. But, we made it to our hotel and the nicest woman greeted us and got us checked in early to our gorgeous room. We declared an afternoon of recuperation and rested for several hours.


We eventually braved the highway again and walked to dinner. Tomorrow we'll take the Seabus over to the old town and see what Mykonos is all about.


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I am ROLLING on the floor, laughing with your description of the prison break! Cheers to finding the person with the private plane, on their monthly visit to their island home who will notice you and suddenly feel the need to make you part of their perfume advertisement way of living;)

by kdrewry

Kathy I think I have to admit that the perfume ad lifestyle is probably a stretch for me at this point. Maybe an ad showing "active seniors" living the good life of retirement, Centrum Silver maybe?

by Pelham Family

That lady in the Centrum Silver ad is HOT! ;)

by kdrewry

I love all of those little places to walk and the little shops! I would have a ball looking at all the stuff. I remember looking at boots for Baylie in Monterey and prices were high! Sure this is like 50 times higher, but so much fun! Hope you get something to remind you of an expensive walk! It can be small but meaningful! Love seeing your trip! So exciting! Aunt Sheri

by Sheri

Hi Sheri, YOU would definitely fit right in and find things to buy!! I'm so glad you're following along 😊

by Pelham Family

I'm telling you this would make a great book!
You should have ask the Golden Bull lady to meet you at the dock.I'm sure she would have picked you up. πŸ˜πŸ˜‰They always go to Greece during July.
When I took Patrick in once to get a pastrami, she asked him if he was flying to Greece? She wanted him to check on her house. πŸ˜† LOL

by MWiens

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