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I was delighted the ferry from Mykonos was much nicer than the first ferry. It did run late though and I was worried about the Uber I had booked ahead of time. Our last arrival was pretty chaotic and there were no taxis or Ubers available on Mykonos. We couldn't even get one to the port this morning and had to do that crazy walk along the highway with our stuff all over again. I didn't want to be stuck this time because walking here was definitely not an option. I was able to message our driver and he waited for us, so it all worked out. As it turns out, there seemed to be a bunch of taxis here so we probably would have been fine anyway 🤷‍♀️

The car had to drop us off away from our hotel though and we ended up with a bit of a hike anyway (you'll never believe it, but it was UPHILL). I swear I am not in the worst shape, but I seem to arrive everywhere in a puddle of sweat, gasping for air. Anyway, when we checked in we immediately went to find the indoor pool, the first pool we've had this whole trip! It was freezing, but also perfect! Now we start the search for dinner.


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All the walking and uphill excursions wouldn't work for me. Ugh. You'll be in better shape than ever when you get home. Wow! LOVE the look of the apartment. You're definitely not "slummin' it." Wow! Gorgeous views!

by Mom

Gorgeous! Waiting for the pictures of food and drinks. But, again...are there regular, ordinary people, setting alarms and going to work??? And, if so, maybe they need an English teacher at the local middle school???

by kdrewry

Id enjoy the "freezing" pool while you can. It's triple digit hot here and not as much fun as it sounds like you n Bailey are having.
I'm telling you! You really should use this journal to write a book about your travels...never boring, and would be a best seller!!
I love your pictures!

by Mwiens

Amazing views and I’m lovin’ the cave vibe of your room. Santorini is the Greece I’ve always imagined. You both look like you belong!

by Sissa

Marcia I love writing this blog, who knows maybe a second career 😁

by Pelham Family

Sissa our room is great, but we are right in the middle of the action here and it was pretty loud last night, not as quiet as a cave would be!

by Pelham Family

How is the heat today. Hope you don’t have a hard time getting home. Some planes don’t fly when it’s too hot. Of course it would be horrible to get stuck in Greece! Ha!

by Sheri

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