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Hey, have you heard about this heat wave?? 🔥

So obviously the big news world wide is apparently the weather! It's like 40 °C here which, trust me, is HOT. Go ahead and do the conversion 🥵 The sun feels like it's hitting us through a magnifying glass. But, we didn't want to just hide in our room all day so we took a €36 Uber ride to the archeological ruins at Akrotiri, which they had the brilliant foresight to completely cover with a shade structure so visitors could see it in the brutal summer. It is a city that is still actively being uncovered and is around 3500 years old. I'm fascinated, but can't quite wrap my brain around that. I mentioned the cost of the Uber because after we were done we couldn't get an Uber back to town. We saw a bus stop and realized that the bus from town comes right out there for €2 each 🤦‍♀️ After exploring, we raced back to the hotel to cool off in the indoor pool that I swear is also underground. It is freezing! Neither of us could stay in for more than a couple minutes, but it's just what we needed.


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Yikes! 40C=104f 🥵 Hot there too!
It's 109f here at my house. Summer is here.
Love your pictures Looks like you two are having a great adventure 😊

by MWiens

That is Indiana Jones stuff! It blows my mind as well - how is a whole city buried....like why are the walls still standing under the ground that we've been walking around on?!
And, no sympathy from your Bakersfield friends on the heat...just be glad you are not sitting at the County Swim meet today;)

by kdrewry

Haha! Ok, fair point about the heat. And I guess that city was covered by a volcanic eruption, similar to Pompeii, so stuff was just captured in the ash and mud. They even found really well preserved paintings on walls and weaving looms and pots. Crazy!

by Pelham Family

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