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Back in Athens

We took the ferry from Santorini to Athens yesterday and it was a VERY long ride. They had the outside deck closed for some reason (they said it was because of the heat, which didn't make sense to me, but what do I know?) The boat was packed and we were all stuck inside. With everyone in their seats it felt much more like being on a plane than a nice leisurely boat ride. Also, we kept falling more behind at every stop and in the end the whole thing took two hours longer than scheduled. I really just hope that it's not a premonition for tomorrow's travel day! We have had such a great trip, but as always, once it's done I just want a smooth, quick journey home.

Baylie found us the cutest apartment for our final two nights and we had some very good Greek food last night around the corner. Today we will wander around Athens a little, maybe even make it over to the Acropolis if we dont burst into flames on the walk. If we do anything fun today I'll tack on one more post, otherwise I'll see you next time 😊

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Hope your trip home is safe and smooth! Love you both and take care along the way!

by Sheri

Thanks Sheri! We'll share some stories with you when we're home.

by Pelham Family

Thanks for letting us all come along with you! I love reading your writing and the pictures are wonderful...are you aware this site asks us each time we view a photo, if we would like to "send as a postcard"? I paused for a minute thinking about who I could actually send a postcard to. Praying for safe and smooth travels back.

by kdrewry

Thanks for following along Kathy 😊 it helps to feel like I'm actually talking to someone! I didn't know about the postcard thing, I guess like a digital postcard? Surely not like an actual printed one? Weird. And maybe kind of cool.

by Pelham Family

You know how much I love your blog. You're half a world away but this helps me feel close. When you're gone I check every day for updates and those fabulous pictures. Your smiles tell it all. Thank you for letting me come with you on these trips. Wishing you a safe and hassle-free trip home. I need a hug!! Xoxo

by Mom

What a great adventure you two have had. Thanks for painting a mental picture of your adventures.. ... It was like a virtual trip for me. Are their ferries anything like the Catalina ferries. Bet it smell nice in them also...she said sarcastically 😉🙂 Swift n Safe travels home.
PS Your last ferry trip reminds me of AmTrac here in the US.....always late.


Safe travels!! Loves going along in your adventure! ♥️

by Sissa

Well dang! No way to edit! Yes, I loves it! LOL And being IN your adventure would’ve been even better! 😂

by Sissa

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