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Observations of Spain

It's our final day in Spain. We're finishing up our sightseeing with history & culture at the Picasso museum. Then we learned a very important historical lesson at the chocolate museum (the tickets were actually chocolate bars!) We're now strolling through Citadel Park and feel we need to make a couple of observations...1st, they hate ice in Spain. You are lucky to get 2 cubes in your drink. Drinks are small, there are no refills, and I have been thirsty since we got here. 2nd, they have not discovered pizza cutters. I know we shouldn't be talking about pizza in Spain, but we have had it twice at different places and both times we got a whole pizza and a butter knife and fork. What did they intend for us to do? I'm sure we didn't do it right, but we managed. I think I could have made a fortune if I had brought a couple of rolling pizza cutters! 3rd, We are all developing a great appreciation for the non-smoking rules in California. Second hand European smoke is killing us! And finally, Shawn would like to see a world-wide ban of the Speedo swimsuit for men. Adios.

Posted by Pelham Family 04:23

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I really did Laugh Out Loud at your last comment!

by Kathy

LOL Oh, that Shawnie! And I know you'll come home with a greater appreciation for the good ol' USofA. That's a good thing. You've really done a lot in such a short time. Amazing! How wonderful you have the energy to continue. I'm guessing there are many more Speedos to come, however. xoxo

by Mom

What! No pictures of Shawn and his speedo?!? Was the pizza good?

by Laura. Moore

Shawn, no complaints about the topless beaches?????

by John

Aman to no speedos

by Jody Loving

Where to next?

by Jody Loving

Can't wait to hear about France next!

by S_J_Peterson

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