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Snacking and Strolling Through Nice

Shawn is on a quest to find the perfect French pastry. His method, however, is flawed. He keeps going in to bakeries, looking at the choices, and leaving. He says he will know it when he sees it. Today Baylie & I decided on a different strategy; we will know it when we TASTE it. So now we buy one and all sample. It's working out quite well!
We do have a new food related rule: Shawn is not allowed to choose cheese. Cheese & crackers are a major staple for us, but the grocery stores haven't had much we recognize. In fact crackers have been completely nonexistent in both Spain & France. We have had to make due with little crusty/crunchy pieces of bread. Anyway, Shawn was in charge of cheese. He says he didn't notice the goat on the picture. The runny, sort of slimy goo was not good.
Baylie noticed today that the long, skinny baguette of French bread in its little half wrapper is quite the fashion accessory. She was happy to carry one around like everyone else as we strolled through town.2011-08-31_08-00-31_434


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Well, I'm on my way to Vons for a baguette. I'll be sure to carry it as I walk to my mailbox today. Good luck with the search for cheese. Wikipedia says there are 1000 different types in France!! Taste-testing cheese and bakery items sounds like great fun to me! xoxox

by Mom

Good thing you all walk a lot...those calories must be...aahhh...who cares....eat away! And what IS gooey, slimy cheese, anyway? Eeeewww...

by Laura Moore

Loving your updates!! I am so envious and wish I was traveling like you guys are...I hope you really enjoy that baguette. Be looking for some French macaroons or maybe an eclair! Their macaroons are tasty. How long are you in France? And it's Italy next, yes?

by S_J_Peterson

Do I hear sabbatical anyone?! lol Having so much fun traveling vicariously through your blog! Real French bread sounds delish!!

by Sissa

I think you've just found your purpose for the next year.....bread and cheese tasting and rating around the world! I would have just been gnawing on that baguette, like those people you see at Disneyland walking around with the turkey legs. And, have you seen french onion soup yet??? I imagine the cheese and bread crusted over the top of that would be heavenly! I'm up late and hungry, and nothing in my cupboard sounds good now:(

by Kathy

@Kathy...Sydney and I had French onion soup in Paris last summer and it was crusty and cheesy exactly as you've described it! Gotta admit though, it was the creme brulee that made the meal! :)

by Sissa

Your travels sound wonderful....here we are in Bakersfield on a salt free diet!!!!!!

by Toots

How about some apples or grapes with your cheese?

by Jody

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