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Shawn's day out...

Baylie and I went with Shawn yesterday to figure out how to get to the town of Monza and everything involved with going to his big race. We took the tram from our apartment to the metro station, we took the metro to the train station, it turned out to be the wrong one, got back on the metro to the right train station, we took a train to Monza, we then took a bus to the park where the raceway is and we walked a couple of miles from the bus stop to the track. All with hundreds of other people headed the same way. It took hours! Along the way we luckily found some guys selling tickets (I should say, they found us) and Shawn was able to get a ticket for all 3 days of the event. Baylie and I have no interest in Formula 1 racing, so we told Shawn we would walk around town and meet him back at the train station at the end of the day. We walked all day, mostly enjoyed ourselves, but then managed to get completely turned around and had no idea how to get to the train. We took a bus that the driver said would go to the station. It didn't. When it came to the end of the line the driver was a little surprised to see us still on it (we were the only ones left). His response was "oohhh, the stazione!" He gave us very good directions, in Italian, and we started walking again. We asked every person we passed and they all seemed to say we were going the right way. After walking about 25 minutes we did actually find the station! This morning Shawn set off on his own to repeat the journey. After about 45 minutes he was back. He had made it as far as the train...and realized he had forgotten his ticket. Hope he's having a good time now! And it would be nice if he made it back.

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So what are your plans for today?

by Jody

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles Eurostyle!! lol

by Sissa

Oh man! I can't even read these entries without getting uptight and anxious, vicariousy feeing your frustration. You are going to be so zen like calm when you return to America.

Curious, as we are all wrapped up in the 10th anniversary of 9-11, do you see any commentary on the event over there in Europe?

by Kathy

Hi Les! John says next time take a bag of beans to drop along the way...you then will be able to follow them home. We can't wait to hear how Shawn's day went, we sure hope all goes well, let us know SOON.

by Toots

I think the beans sound like an excellent idea if you have room for them in your back packs. What an education for Bailey! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. I can't wait to see what you have done each day. Miss you all!

by Sheri Comaianni

Tell Shawn to wave. Watched F1 pracice early this morning. Weather looks great at 80 degrees and that Monza track looks sweet. Shawn must be in Ferrari heaven; lots of red short fans.
Have fun. Mark

by Mark

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