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A Tuscan hike

Today we took a city bus to the end of its line on the edge of Florence. Realized that there wasn't any way to walk out of town easily from there, so we got back on the bus and rode it to its other extreme end of the line. We got off and headed for the foothills covered in olive trees, grape vineyards, and oak trees. We hiked mostly on a road but eventually veered off on a path through the trees. We climbed up high enough to look back on Florence. Baylie's comment: "Now that looks like Italy!" It was definitely a nice day, but it illustrated one of the many differences between me and Shawn (and oh aren't there many?). I like maps, street signs, landmarks, destinations, and clear routes. Given the choice I will ALWAYS retrace my steps back the way I came because I KNOW that will get me back. Given the choice Shawn will ALWAYS want to go back along a different path than the one he walked first. He doesn't care about a clearly marked route; just traveling in the right general direction is good enough for him. And he's always traveling basically the right way...his sense of direction is uncanny, and a little annoying. I want to see our location pinpointed on a map, he's fine just noticing that sun is basically in the right spot. Anyway, we made it back after wandering in the hills of Tuscany!

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Oh, that Shawnie!!

by Mom

Is the olive oil REALLY better in Italy?? And girl...you are gonna have legs and butt of STEEL when you get home. Awesome!

by Laura

And, the difference between you two and me, is that it would never have occurred to me to go hiking outside of town.....are there no open squares to sit near a fountain and sip a cup of coffee, while doing some good ol people watching? You Pelhams take exploring to the extreme;-)

by Kathy

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