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Breakfast...the least recognizable meal of the day

So before I go on and on about how much we LOVE Turkey, I have to sidetrack just for a minute and reflect on something we have all been missing. Waffles, pancakes, French toast, bacon, an omelette, hash browns, cinnamon rolls...pretty much any food found on a Sunday morning American plate! The rest of the world does not do breakfast! Coffee, a dry roll, maybe a hard boiled egg, that's what we wake up to every day. This morning my plate had 2 slices of cucumber, a slice of tomato, 4 olives, and what looked like a slice of cold bologna. If I find an IHOP I'm going to eat until I pop.

OK, so...Turkey! I love it here. We found our hotel - as advertised, right by the stork's nest right on top of the ruins of a Roman aqueduct . This small town is so peaceful, even the Musilm "call to prayer" five times a day over the loudspeaker is pleasant (I'm hearing it now actually). I have never encountered so many truly friendly people before. We walked around the ruins of St. John's church here in Selcuk, toured a Mosque that is being restored, and went to the beach. Tomorrow we visit Pamukkale and the next day Ephesus.
2011-09-26 18.25.07

2011-09-26 18.25.07





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YOUR restaurant looks like an oasis in the desert. Gorgeous! I love the pictures! (Yesterday, I ate enough pancakes for both of us. Not a tomato in sight.) So glad you're having a good time! xoxoxo

by Mom

The pictures are wonderful. You look rested. Keep the pictures coming.

by Jody

I just noticed the diet coke can.

by Jody

Have you found any ice cubes yet? You should photograph common things we have in the U.S. like Diet Coke so we can see how the packaging is different with a twist.

by Kathy McCray

What happened to breakfast being the most important meal of the day??? You have to be losing weight! I'd like to think I could live on the coffee and dry roll, given enough butter, but my children would rebel...how is Baylie at adapting to the cultural differences?

by Kathy

I vote for a WELCOME HOME breakfast as soon as you're back on home turf!!

by Sissa

Leslie the boss here at the accountant office wants to know if you are going to Armania

by Jody

Hi Jody, we won't make it there this trip. We'll have to add it to the list for the next trip around the world! :)
Hey Kathy M., So good to hear from you! The packages of familiar brands look the same. But there are very few recognizable brands!
And Sissa, YES YES YES to a big welcome home breakfast!
Kathy, Baylie is the most adaptable of the three of us! And as far as butter for bread...not as common as you might think!

by Pelham Family

Loving your pictures. Bailey is living history now so she is truly blessed!! Cats are great. They have definitely touched our hearts. Pismo is the nighttime lap sitter. Sounds like you are making great time. I know what you mean about breakfast- I saw so much cold cuts, rolls, and fruit on my trip. That's a super idea - throw you guys a breakfast party!!! Stay safe.

by ginny Wickline

You got the olives for breakfast because they heard you were from America and used to a big breakfast.

by Dorothy Meyer

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