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Istanbul is gigantic!

We arrived in Istanbul yesterday evening and took a cab from the airport to the apartment we had rented online. Once again our apartment seems to be very far away from the main part of the city. It's hard to make these arrangements when you know virtually nothing about the city you are going to, so the names of neighborhoods don't have much meaning. We are going to venture out today and see how easy it will be to get around with public transportation. There will definitely be ferries involved since we are on the other side of the Bosphorous strait. Yesterday we basically flew from Asia to Europe, then took a cab back to Asia again! The cab ride felt a lot like driving the freeways of L.A., except that there were guys wandering around in the middle of the traffic lanes trying to sell things.

I hope this works out ok because we are here for ten days. I think maybe I should have stuck one more small town in between Selcuk and Istanbul for a few days.

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We actually got a little rain last night. Off to work while you explore...

by Laura

I read that it's expensive to get around there because gas is so high. Not good. It also said public transportation wasn't that accessible and very crowded when you DO make a connection. Hope that's not true. No matter....you'll find a way. You are woman! oxoxo

by Mom

While riding in a cab in Istanbul and the driver going thru red lights, John asked about them. The driver said red lights were for decoration. Have fun, love you three!!!!!

by Toots

I love looking at your adventures every night. It's just like watching my favorite weekly show! We just know you personally compared to all the actors! You could be the next show we watch on TV. I think it could be on of the top ratings! love you guys. Should we try to find a director. Maybe you could be the next client of Jesica Kolstad! You would be the best looking family on the RED CARPET. Miss you!

by Sheri Comaianni

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