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It's not all glamorous and exciting...

I do not like to do laundry. Even in my lovely, spacious, well-appointed, indoor laundry room with my large capacity washer AND (something we have yet to run into abroad) dryer, I still hate laundry. Today we did not sight see at any amazing ancient sites or skip around exotic locales. Today I did three loads of laundry (the washing machines are generally so small I have to do three loads) and I hung them on the clothes line with a million clothes pins so our underwear would not be blown into the trees.

I also usually complain about grocery shopping, which involves driving a half-mile to the modern store with every possible choice of thousands of perfectly predictable items and bringing the groceries home in the large trunk of my comfortable car. Today I spent about 25 minutes trying to identify a cucumber (I did succeed, by the way). We walked about a mile and a half, down the steepest road I have ever walked, knowing that whatever we might buy would have to be carried back UP. We spent a ridiculous amount of time walking up and down the four small aisles trying to piece together a few meals. Shawn had a momentary crisis trying to buy sugar for his coffee, but at last the powdered sugar and brown sugar were avoided!

I guess the point of this post is that I will not complain about mundane chores when I return to the land of ease (at least for a little while).
I promise, we'll get back to the exciting job of exploring the world tomorrow!

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I can picture your little family hunting up and down the aisles. LOL I was at your favorite market yesterday and did the largest shopping I can ever remember. (I was out of everything.) With my coupons, I saved $125!) I also recall a day when I was at that same market....years ago....and little Baylie came running around the corner to surprise Grandma with a hug. Seems like only yesterday. Remember these days when you're back to the hum-drum. It will be like a dream, I'm sure. oxoxox

by Mom

HAhAhahahahahahhahahahahahah....Love your frankness. But you failed to mention that at times...Vons just delivers your groceries to you, right after the housekeeper finished folding the laundry...Heehee...I miss you already!

by Laura

LOLOL...to Laura's comment....AND the housekeeper puts them away!

by Mom

OK Laura! I forget that some of you reading this know me a little too well! Miss you too, and can't wait to get back to our dinners in a few months.

by Pelham Family

I can imagine laundry being a painful chore....but one that you can't ignore with so many pictures - don't know if you've noticed - but you haven't been seen in the same thing twice yet, and you are traveling extremely light!

by Kathy

I am fairly certain you are the only person I will ever know who's used clothes pins to hang underwear in Istanbul! ;)

by Sissa

Leslie, when I lived in Spain I had to do the same thing. It is tedious. We lived on the third floor and our laundry line was in the breeze way hanging three floors up. It certainly was a chore to go do and retirieve the drawers...lol...I hope you are having a blast, glad you are able to do this trip. Bailey has grown into quite the young lady. Hope you are prepared for the years to come...LOL. Best to you, enjoy the trip.

by Robert K Wright

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