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We have arrived in....Egypt?

We have arrived in Sharm el Sheikh and I would love to tell you all about Egypt, but I suspect this place has very little resemblance to actual Egypt! Like every review said, this is 100% a tourist resort. We had a hard time finding a restaurant that claimed to serve Egyptian food, but after passing the Hard Rock Cafe, a sushi place, and an Irish pub, we did find a menu with "middle eastern cuisine". I'm definitely not complaining though! It's beautiful here, feels very safe, and we are in a luxuriously comfortable hotel that we got at a great bargain price. I can't help comparing the people we have encountered so far with the people in Turkey, however. I know it's an unfair first impression considering the atmosphere here, but in Turkey everyone who was nice to us seemed completely genuine and interested. So far everyone here who has been nice seems to have a different agenda. It's a very "hard sell" from the moment they start a conversation.

Today we spent the day mostly on the beach and the snorkeling was outstanding just footsteps from shore. We saw a spectacular lion fish and a pretty menacing looking eel along with all the tropical fish you see in every aquarium. I can't wait to go out on a boat and see what more of the reef areas have to offer! It was a little exhausting trying to keep up with my mermaid though. Once Baylie puts on a pair of fins she's pretty much gone. I attached a whistle to her swim suit strap (you know, in case she needed to notify people right away of...well....a "larger than normal fish")and followed her around for a couple of hours. We finally called it quits when the tourist traffic clouded up the water.




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The Hotel looks beautiful! Enjoy the vacation and luxury while you can;-)

by Kathy

Larger than normal fish??? Now I'm worried again. :-) Enjoy!! xoxoxo

by Mom

Wow, looks like my kind of place! I am so excited looking at all the pictures. You guys take care and enjoy it all. We miss you and look forward to the adventures each and every week! Wish we were there. It looks beautiful. Aunt Sheri

by Sheri Comaianni

Marty just looked at the pictures and said, "is that Shawn on the camel?" Looks like something he would do, only if it was a FAST one! Funny

by Sheri Comaianni

Man! If this is seeing the world economy style, I'm in!! Tres chic...or is it tres sheik? :)

by Sissa

Your mom just told me how to see even more pics. Wow! You know what hits me the most? In some of the places almost as beautiful as you're seeing, here in the "land of the free", such as Hearst Castle...you can't take pics. Nobody seems to care what you take where you are!! Thanks for sharingt! Julie

by Julie Brown

So glad you're having a sharkly good time in Sharm el Sheikh! The beauty of all the places so far is just wonderful. I saw the picture of the hookah while you were still in Turkey and thought how awesome it would be to have a real hookah instead of the ones they sell at John T's. :) Enjoy and be careful in Egypt!

by S_J_Peterson

Hi Julie! I'm so glad to see you're following us. We did run into a couple of places in Spain and Italy that did not allow pictures, but mostly every place has allowed them. Glad you found out how to look at all of our photos.

by Pelham Family

Sissa, tres sheik! Hahaha. Our place is really nice with the beach right across the street and it is only $75 a night including a breakfast buffet! We make the breakfast last until an early dinner so we only pay for one meal a day. The food's only so-so, but the price is right!

by Pelham Family

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