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Arrived in Cairo

We had an easy travel day from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo today. But Cairo is one crazy city! We thought we had seen wild traffic before, but nothing compares to this so far. On the freeway we were passed by a small pickup truck with a cow in the back, but even that wasn't enough to get much attention! The freeway has four lanes of traffic if you go by the lines painted on the road, but several times I noticed six cars across in front of us. Apparently if you can fit between the cars ahead of you, just stradle the line and squeeze on in!

We went to the pyramids this evening to watch a "sound and light show". It was pretty corny, but Baylie and I thought it was cool to hear the Great Sphinx telling the stories of the pharaohs. Tomorrow we will see them in the morning and then go to the Egyptian museum. I'm enjoying this history lesson!

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So glad you get to see some of the history in Egypt! And, am very glad that you guys are no longer in Turkey with the quake that hit this morning. God is keeping you all safe, and I'm sure He will continue to protect you from harm on the rest of your journey:-) Can't wait to see the photos of the pyramids!

by Kathy

Beware! Camels will bite! Glad to hear you are having a great adventure. You have excellent timing of when you were in Turkey! They had a terrible earthquake today.
Have been sharing your blogg in the teachers lounge...1st quarter and Parent teacher conferences are over....many of us are ready to join you on your adventure.
Be safe and have fun!!!

by Wiens

Pretty cool to be sitting in the same spot as Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, and Marc Anthony. I'm guessing the sphinx didn't have Omar Sharif's voice at that time.

I'm so glad the top of Baylie's wish list was fulfulled. Let's see....Shawn got his Grand Prix race. What was at the top of Leslie's list?

I second Kathy's sentiments. No more floods or earthquakes, I hope.


by Mom

Hi guys, I emailed the our friends in Istanbul and they did not even feel the earthquake there. It was on the extreme eastern border with Iran so we were never close, but I'm glad we missed it!
Marcia - Good to hear from you on here! I hear camels spit too, but the ones we met were pretty calm :) Glad you got through the first conferences.
Mom - Hilarious that you knew the voice of the Sphinx! It was Omar Sharif!

by Pelham Family

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