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Does this come in travel size?

There are a lot of big things I can't control. Like selling my car (still a little early, haven't gotten any good offers yet...), renting the house, speeding up time, etc. So my rather obsessive nature has led me to focus on the most ridiculous tiny details! Every travel gadget, accessory, or miniature version of the dumbest things catch my attention. Sewing kit? Need one of those! Collapsible bowl? Definitely! I actually found myself looking at travel-size toilet paper rolls today!

Posted by Pelham Family 19:28

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Your toilet paper reference reminds me of Jeff's mom. Nana aka Lorene took a big trip in the late '60s, and what did she collect? Toilet paper from bathrooms throughout Europe! Who would've guessed Europeans were indulging their rears in such a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes way back then?! More cultural differences for you to look forward to!

by Sissa

Funny! I don't plan on collecting any to bring home. Maybe just some descriptive details to be posted here!

by Leslie

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