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January 2012

This is the DRY season??

I guess we were finally due for some bad weather on this trip through perpetual summer. It has been pouring for two solid days, but driving in it makes it feel much longer! We left the jungle after three nights in different amazing lodges and we have been heading north. We are currently in a town called Prachaup Kirikhan and I think it would be very pretty, but the dismal gray and non-stop rain is kind of covering up whatever there might be to see. Maybe tomorrow the sun will find a way through!

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This place is SO cool!

Today we drove to Khao Sok National Park in search of the treehouse place I had seen online. I think there are a bunch of these places; we just stopped at the first one. It is so neat! There is a gorgeous lake here somewhere, with kayaking along huge limestone cliffs...we go in search of that tomorrow. For now we are just sitting in our treehouse looking out at the jungle and listening to the birds and watching the lizards crawl by. I think we will be very grateful for the mosquito nets over the beds tonight!!IMG_5450






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The Pelhams are on the road!

Well, we had been sitting pretty still for a while trying to plan our next hop around this beautiful country and we finally decided we need our own transportation. So we rented a car for the next month and plan to drive around finding cool stuff and drop the car in Bangkok at the end of February. So far it is working out great. We found a neat little bungalow for the night near Khao Lak beach and tomorrow we are going to head to Khao Sok National Park and look for those jungle treehouses. This is much better than figuring out where we want to go first and then getting a taxi or bus to take us there! The road signs that are all in Thai are a little frustrating, but every once in awhile there's one in English to set us straight.

We did make it to see Phuket Fantasea last night. It was a lot of fun, but it was the weirdest show I have ever seen! It was mostly Thai cultural dances, and sort of a musical story telling of Thai myths, but then all of a sudden there was a circus clown/magician sawing a girl in half and making a tiger appear. There were acrobats from the ceiling and chickens and goats running across the stage, and then it seemed to finish with more cultural story-telling. Baylie absolutely loved it! There were carnival games to play (Shawn took forever at the target shooting booth - of course the "gun was crooked", but he eventually managed to win a stuffed elephant). I have to say sometimes the most ridiculous touristy thing around is pretty fun.

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The Frisbee thrown 'round the world

As we were throwing our Frisbee on the beach this morning I realized that our favorite hot-pink Frisbee that got its start on Pismo Beach has now been thrown in Spain, France, Turkey, India, and Thailand. Sure glad we brought it along. It has become a souvenir!

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On the Move

After two weeks of seeking out beaches with the least amount of tourists possible on the south end of Phuket we have started working our way north. We didn't make it vary far, but we had to stop for this attraction in Kamala Beach called "Phuket Fantasea". It's supposed to be this amazing "cultural" show with fireworks, special effects, acrobatics, music, and dance. Ok, it sounds maybe a little cheesy but we're looking forward to it!

Baylie found us this funky little guesthouse with all these cool details in the wood paneled ceiling and odd shaped windows. She is the best at finding places to stay. After a couple of nights here we will be off to Khao Sok National Park. I'm hoping to stay in a tree house!

We ate a great Thai dinner (Thai dinners are almost always great) and I was wondering if my sister might be eating guinea pig in Peru. Yummm :)

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