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March 2011

So what, exactly, are we doing?

I think we are a pretty ordinary family really. I even think the fantasy of escaping the "real world" is pretty ordinary. I guess what's out of the ordinary is that we are actually going to jump off this cliff. We have worked for twenty years and have had a fantastic life, but we are ready to try to have a fantastically different life for a while. So, we are making drastic changes and packing one bag each and heading out into the world. I expect it will be much different than we think it is, which is what makes it all so exciting. We plan to travel as cheaply as possible, meet people, eat local food, explore, and try to truly enjoy each place we find. I am so excited to discover what this will do for our wonderful little girl. Her heart is so big already I can only imagine how she will envision her future once she sees what's really out there. I am so grateful I will get to live this adventure twice; once through my own eyes and once through hers.

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The planning process continues!

I think about this trip every day. In fact, I am obsessive about it. I will be so happy when the house is taken care of, the vehicles are sold, and all of the other details fall into place. Until then, the anxiety continues.

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Getting Started

O.k., at the request of several people we are trying to get a blog up and running so family can keep track of us. Any kid can do it, but it is proving to be a challenge!

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