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April 2011

Does this come in travel size?

There are a lot of big things I can't control. Like selling my car (still a little early, haven't gotten any good offers yet...), renting the house, speeding up time, etc. So my rather obsessive nature has led me to focus on the most ridiculous tiny details! Every travel gadget, accessory, or miniature version of the dumbest things catch my attention. Sewing kit? Need one of those! Collapsible bowl? Definitely! I actually found myself looking at travel-size toilet paper rolls today!

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One Car Down...

Well, sadly my sister decided not to take the house. So we are still searching for someone we are at least remotely connected to. I think it will officially go on the market in about two weeks if we don't stumble onto someone. But one car was sold today, so a nice big piece of our travel budget has just fallen into place! Hooray!

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What about the house?

I am really hoping to hear from my sister this weekend that she will be taking our house for the year. I'm sure there's some dire warning floating around in the universe about not doing business with family, but I just think the advantages for us are huge! I hope she feels the same way and this works out for all of us.

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