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June 2011

Yard Sale Time!

We have never had a yard sale. I am completely clueless. Does everything just sell for a dollar? We have junk I can't imagine anyone paying for. Of course Baylie keeps marking all of her stuff at full retail prices. I mark a whole set of wine glasses at four bucks and she's trying sell old Barbies for $10 each :) Well we're doing this trip for the new experiences, I guess this will just be one more new thing!
Still waiting for the house to rent. I'm not nervous yet, but I'm definitely thinking about it constantly.
Yesterday I actually tried a pretty complete "practice pack". Shawn & I were both a little shocked at how heavy 35 pounds felt on our back! I think I really need to examine my definition of "necessity"!
By the way, posting this from my new phone for the first time. Getting ready for posts from the road!

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Packing Begins

I've made a couple of half-hearted attempts on my closet and clearing out bathroom cabinets, but today I tackled the kitchen with my first real commitment to packing up the house. It did not go well. There was WAY more stuff hiding in those kitchen cupboards than I ever would have guessed and for some reason, instead of feeling the excitement and sense of accomplishment I thought I would feel, I just got moody, irritable, and depressed.
Getting ready for this huge journey has been a roller coaster and I can definitely admit that I don't spend every moment in excited anticipation. I'm worried to the point of real fear, I expect to truly miss SO many little details about our great life here at home, I feel sorrow for the sacrifices all three of us have agreed to make, but it still feels like the most wonderful decision and completely RIGHT for us right now. The excitement will build again, today just felt like a change I wasn't quite ready for.

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2nd Car Gone!

Woo hoo! Another nice chunk of travel money in the bank and one more thing I get to cross off the to-do list, I'm not sure which one makes me happier (I do love my lists!)

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The To-Do List is Shrinking!

Things are getting done but the calendar is freaking me out! We have our shots done, other medical issues are getting resolved (prescriptions and such), the house officially goes on the market this week, I sent away our paperwork to get visas for India, stuff with the bank is getting handled...This has been a full time job since school got out but it feels great to cross things off the list!

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