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July 2011

Oh my aching feet!

We were ALL OVER this city today - on foot, by bus, on the Skytrain, even boat (but mostly on foot!) We had a great time at the Capilano Suspension Bridge walking on the walkways through the trees and out on the very high Cliffwalk. Look it up online, it's very cool. Also hung out in Chinatown and found a great place to eat. Planning to rent bikes tomorrow, ride around Stanley Park, find a beach, and watch an international fireworks competition tomorrow night (apparently Spain is the current reigning champions; they're going up against China tomorrow). Did we even know there was such a thing as a fireworks competition?

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Love Vancouver!

Not sure what we were expecting, but we are loving Vancouver even after only a few hours. It's very much like San Francisco (right down to the fabulous pride parade we will be watching on Sunday). Tomorrow we're going to figure out the SkyTrain and city bus system.

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The wait is over!

Our adventure begins today! The Bakersfield Airport Bus station might have been a dreary place to begin, but our excitement is high enough that it didn't matter. Here we come world!

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Officially Vagabonds!



We drove away from our house yesterday morning for the last time (for a year at least!). We had several offers of places to stay for our last couple of days in Bakersfield, but we decided to stay at the River Run RV park in our trailer. Great choice! We're hanging out next to the river (and there actually is a river this year!) and we feel like our trip has already started. Tomorrow we drop off our trailer, our cats, and the truck we've been borrowing - our load just keeps getting lighter!

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We love you guys and we'll miss you...

(Our dogs that is!)

Well, our dogs have been relocated to their foster homes. I'm not worried at all about their well-being, we are super lucky to have a family full of dog lovers. I'm just a little worried those kind hearted people will regret being so helpful! Tommy is pretty stinky and makes weird noises and Kiska might be more rambunctious than my aunt & uncle bargained for. The cats are next, and once again I am amazingly lucky to have a friend that is a true cat-lady willing to take in the 2 best cats in the world. Leaving behind these family members has truly been one of my (and Baylie's) biggest sacrifices of this journey.

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