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All is well, we are off the streets!

Well, our flakey guy (a fashion photographer *big eye roll here*) finally showed up and we did get his apartment for the week. Kind of a weird place, in a rather seedy neighborhood and filled with his odd stuff. But we are situated now, Shawn is making plans to see the big race on the weekend, and we are just trying to make a list of stuff to fill the time. The couple of Italians we have had brief contact with seem to think Milan isn't much of a stop for tourists. Oh well, it's not like we're in a hurry to see all the sights and rush home! :)

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On the streets in Milan

Literally...as in homeless

As I write this we are "between accommodations". The last minute hotel we found yesterday is holding our bags and we have been wandering around waiting for this flake of a guy to call & say we can meet him to check in to the apartment. I finally made Shawn agree on a deadline. If we are still homeless in 2 hours we find a hotel and make plans to head for Venice tomorrow. We'll see...
In the meantime we checked out the spectacular Duomo cathedral. Here's a view from the roof. We paid$ 20 to walk up the 360 stairs to see the view.2011-09-05_02-28-12_439


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What we have here is a failure to communicate!

Well today we paid back the universe a little bit for the good luck we had when we stumbled into our great apartment in Nice. We went to the train station this morning intending to go to Milan. We missed the train by 3 minutes and had to wait an hour on the sidewalk for the next one. When we got to the Italian border we had to buy a ticket for the next train and I was told it was full and only 1st class was available. We had already arranged an apartment for tonight and needed to get here so I paid the extra and ran for the platform (train was leaving!) We jumped on and found seats but we realized the train was FULL. A closer inspection of our tickets revealed the phrase "seat not guaranteed" (I'm pretty sure that was the translation) How could we have 1st class tickets but NO GUARANTEED seat?! People kept appearing with assigned seats so we kept getting bumped until at one point I was standing in the junction between cars with rain pouring in through the ceiling. I asked the snack cart guy, who could not move, where I should move to. His response, "no seat". Hmmm. It was a 5 hour ride. We kept getting pushed apart, so I'm not too sure how my family fared on this journey (Shawn probably had his feet up in a comfy seat for all I know) At least we all made it to Milan...where we received a text message that we can't get into the apartment until TOMORROW. So we are now in a hotel I found by walking to all hotels visible from the train station. It only took three tries to find this room. We'll see how tomorrow goes!

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