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Oh Sophia, we barely knew you...

Baylie is a shopper. She loves gift shops, swap meets, cool little boutiques, and all manner of markets. We have had a discussion multiple times about the nature of this trip and the unchanging reality that our bags are SMALL! We agreed repeatedly that our keepsakes would have to be memories, photos, and journal entries. Shipping things home sounds good in theory, but the cost and hassle just make it unrealistic. So our last evening in Barcelona we were strolling past a swap meet type market and she became fixated on this little mirror covered in "jewels". It looked very "Spain-y" and oh-so-Baylie. I repeated my speech about our limited space and how even the little things add up. As we crossed the bridge back to our neighborhood she finally wore me down. I gave her the money and told her I would wait on the bridge. Off she ran. Ten minutes later she reappeared with a look of panic on her face. Before I could even see her clearly through the crowd she was saying "I'm so sorry! I don't know what happened!" She kept babbling about how she just asked a price and before she knew what happened she had somehow bought this BEAUTIFUL doll!! This was no Barbie, this antique looking, porcelain faced doll would fit right in with Baylie's growing collection. Where it would NOT fit is in our luggage. There were tears in her eyes, but my practical little girl understood we had to fix this and take Sophia back (yes, she got a name during her trip across the bridge). Back we went to the nice old man and explained that her suitcase was too small and she couldn't keep the doll. He was very understanding and gave her the money back, which she promptly took to the next stall and bought the mirror. As we walked back across the bridge she observed that souvenirs are better when they have a story, and the mirror now has more of a story.

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Seeing the sights!

We've been to see Montjuic, Parc Guell, and today we took a train for an hour then rode a cable car up to the monastery at Montserrat. We're hiking some trails under these strange jagged peaks and bizarrely we have wifi. Odd. We've decided to head to Montpellier, France next. Nothing specific we're planning to do there, it is just the quickest and cheapest jump in that direction. Eventually planning a stop in Nice and Monaco.2011-08-26_04-41-17_832


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Loving Barcelona

Walked all around the Ramblas yesteday, like EVERYONE else! Great people watching. We had a really hard time convincing Baylie that the guys taking bets on the shell games were most definitely going to scam her out of her money. She was positive she could beat them! Also toured a great old church and the old Barri Gotic neighborhood. Baylie's made a friend on the beach this morning. She keeps running over to ask me how to say phrases so she can ask her questions. We need to think about plans for moving on to France. Any suggestions?

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After a 25 hour boat ride we finally arrived in Barcelona and made it to our little apartment. We have to walk 4 flights up the tightest twisty little staircase, but we like it. We're just getting used to our neighborhood today. So far I like Barcelona much better than Madrid. I'll post some pictures if I can.

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Mastering the Metro!

Since we moved to a hotel on the outskirts of the city we had to master the metro system to get anywhere. We succeeded of course! We had a fun day at the Madrid zoo and then asked around for directions to a public pool. We had to walk a lot through neighborhood to finally find it, but it was worth it. Baylie saw this set up at a mall last night where you could get inside a giant inflatable "hamster ball" floating in a big pool. She HAD to try it; it was pretty hilarious. Getting to the train station this morning for our 5 hour journey south was a mad rush; now that we're finally adjusted to Spanish time getting up and packed at 6 was a challenge. Tomorrow we're going to a beach in Tarifa that's famous for kite surfing- any bets on how long it will take Shawn to find one to rent?


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