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Slip Slidin' Away

Today we found the Black Mountain Waterpark. It was outstanding! It's a brand new place and we had it almost all to ourselves. The waterslides were great and the place was just beautiful. A big hit with all three of us.

A few days ago we went to a little ""forest park" between Cha Am and Hua Hin planning to have a picnic, but we got caught in a torrential downpour while hiking on the nature trail. Still a lot of fun! There was a sign that said "Gibbon" with an arrow pointing down the path. Baylie and I cracked up because we couldn't imagine that the gibbons just sat around in the same spot all the time. But we rounded a corner, saw the Gibbon sign, and sure enough there they were just hanging in the trees right in front of the sign.

Speaking of odd signs, we often see yellow road signs that say something in Thai, then underneath have a translation that says "Accident Ahead". These are permanent signs, so I think perhaps something has been lost in the translation! We can't quite figure out what they are supposed to say :)

We have had a long time to notice tons of quirky translations, inconsistent spellings, etc. One little thing that drives Shawn absolutely crazy is the music. We hear American music everywhere; current pop, rock classics, oldies, you name it. But it is NEVER the original artist. Every single song is always a re-make. Often a very bad re-make, and almost always much more "bubble gum" sounding. It is bizarre!

Only eight more days until a 20 hour travel day...then Buenos Dias, Buenos Aires! Woo hoo Argentina!

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Thank you, Thailand

We are down to the last ten days of our extended time in Asia and I've been trying to think of all the things we have learned here. I know Thailand and Cambodia were not at all what we expected. This place is the most relaxed and easy-going country we have been to. The people are friendly, cheerful, modest, polite, and seem truly happy. The country is peaceful and comfortable and somehow manages to be modern and traditional at the same time. It gave us the perfect place to put down roots for a little while when we needed to regroup and change our plans. It gave us the perfect tropical vacation and helped us save some serious money!

Even in the middle of our wonderful stay we did discover that long term travel needs some purpose. I realize that some people may be shocked by this...but there is such a thing as a "relaxing vacation" that goes on too long! While we were seeking out historical sights, finding our way through new cities, and constantly planning our arrival in the next new country our journey felt much more alive. Since we have settled into Thailand and have returned multiple times to some very familiar places we have become completely ready to move on. So we are gearing up for our next big jump across an ocean. Once again, adventure here we come!

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World's Biggest Stone Frog! And swimming monkeys!

Well, actually we never did find the "World's Biggest Stone Frog", but we saw the sign that said it was there! We went on a little drive around the outskirts of Hua Hin to find the Cicada Art Market. We did find it and it was the most urban and artsy little market in a beautiful park, with an outdoor bandstand and gourmet food carts, and original art work for sale. Just like something you would find in a San Francisco park. Before we got there we happened on the sign to the biggest stone frog, but alas it eluded us. Instead we found a swimming pool that seems to have been put next to a temple just for the giant troop of monkeys that hang out there. These monkeys were diving in, pulling each other in and playing, and holding their breath to swim under water. It was fun to watch, but unfortunately while we were watching a bunch of the monkeys were busy covering our car in monkey poop. First order of business tomorrow will be to find a carwash.

Yesterday we went to the Hua Hin floating market and happened upon another baby elephant that we could just spend some time with. He loved bananas and was very affectionate so Baylie was in heaven.

We just finished eating at a very nice restaurant called "Mex" that was absolutely outstanding. I realize there's a chance that we may just be a little Mexican-food-deprived right now so I may be giddy from the real guacamole...but I would venture to say that it wasn't just the best Mexican food since we left, but it's right up there with the best Mexican food ever!




2012-02-10 16.52.57

2012-02-10 16.52.57

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If packing is a contest...I win

Shawn took his hiking shoes to a shoe-maker today to have them repaired...again! Luckily we just happened to pass by a little shop where a man was actually making a pair of shoes so having them repaired was an option. But clearly his choice for the perfect "walking-around-the-world-shoes" was not the best since they barely made it through half of our original itinerary and have now been repaired twice. In addition to his mangled shoes, some of Shawn's clothes look like they have been beaten on rocks and dragged along the road. Also today we bought Baylie her third pair of walking shoes. The first didn't make it past Greece and the second have been shot for a while but she has mostly been wearing flip-flops for the last few weeks. And in the clothing department Baylie is on the other end of the spectrum... she still has perfect outfits she has not even worn stuffed in the depths of her bag.

I, on the other hand, chose the world's greatest shoes that I swear will be going with me around the world again. I have also used every ingenious thing I thought to pack - from safety pins to a sink-stopper, zip ties to a Tide stick, and Benadryl to Anbesol. And even though I have been known to wear the same pair of shorts for two-weeks straight, I do have room to spare in my bag! Like I said, I win :)




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Hello again, Hua Hin

In the course of our Thailand road trip we have now returned to Hua Hin. First order of business was to eat at Moon Smile and it definitely lived up to our memory! Delicious and cheap! Shawn is renting a bike tomorrow so he will be off exploring, but luckily I will still have Baylie to be my sense of direction around town. She is always better than I am at finding our way back.

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