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On to Turkey

Not quite enough Greece...we will be back!

I really regret that we didn't "do" the Greek Islands. That trip will defnitely be on the to-do list. We walked around the Ancient Agora, Kerameikos Cemetery, the Temple fo Olympian Zeus, and Hadrians Library. You practically trip over the ancient stuff around here. We accidentally found ourselves in the middle of a GIANT and very crowded swap meet today. And we rode the metro (running today - hooray!) to the end of the line and looked out at the cruise ships in the harbor. Tomorrow we fly to Izmir, Turkey and take a train to the town of Selcuk (that "c" should have a little tail, but I can't find that character!). We're staying in a hostel there for a few days and the directions to find it actually include the phrase, "look for the storks nest on top of the column by the fountain." I really hope that stork is still nesting. From Selcuk we can see the ancient ruins of Ephesus and hopefully go to a beach. Looking forward to Turkey!

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A Familiar Sight

Ahhh, the joy of teaching is universal

Today as we were entering the lovely Acropolis Museum we passed a group of teenagers sitting on a large bench while their teacher spoke passionately about the amazing things they were about to see inside. She was clearly thrilled that they would be viewing things they had studied and she was doing a great job of setting the scene for their field trip. Three boys were listening to their ipods, two girls were messing with their phones, one young lady was filing her nails, one boy was clearly asleep and about to topple off the bench, and ONE young man was sitting on the edge of his seat with his hand up and it is only because he bounded to his feet when the teacher said, "Let's go!" that the other kids seemed to know it was time to move. I think I should have made it a point to go shake that teacher's hand.

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Best Food Finally Found!

We have been waiting for that "amazing food experience" while traveling and we all agree we finally found it in Greece! I felt guilty in Spain when people kept asking for descriptions of the wonderful food, because truthfully I wasn't blown away. Then came France, and again I figured we must be doing something wrong because none of us were "wowed". We did enjoy pasta and pizza in Italy, but nothing that surprised me or was dramatically different than what I have had back home. But finally, in Greece, our tastebuds have come alive. We had amazing salads, garlic pickled peppers, meat on skewers, delicious sauce, pita bread, and fruit that had something magical done to it. Can't wait to eat again tomorrow!IMG_3892


Hmmm...I'll have the....ummm...

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Transportation strike in Athens...

Hmmm...now what?

We left our Rome apartment at 4:00 AM for our flight to Athens this morning. No problems. I had researched the location of our hotel, figured out that we could take the metro from the airport, knew the name of the stop, and had figured out the directions to walk from the metro stop. As we walked out the airport exit a very helpful lady in uniform asked if we needed tourist information. I asked for the metro stop and her reply was, "All transportation on strike today. No metro, taxi, or bus." She said the airport was running one bus to a single stop in downtown. When I showed her the address of our hotel she said, "Oh that is very far. But maybe you can walk" I went back in the airport, got a city map of Athens, and we got on the only bus. It was a long walk, but when have we arrived somewhere and NOT had to walk a really long way? And this time we didn't get lost! Sightseeing later...a nap now!

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