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Back in Athens 7/17/23
Hey, have you heard about this heat wave?? πŸ”₯ 7/15/23
Santorini! 7/14/23
Wandering the maze of Mykonos Town 7/13/23
The Greyhound Bus of the sea 7/12/23
Breakfast in Croatia, lunch in Denmark, dinner in Greece 7/11/23
Our last day in our new favorite place 7/10/23
Same old, same old...gorgeous scenery and good food πŸ˜‰ 7/9/23
I'm too old to fall! 7/7/23
More stairs, good food, and beautiful views! 7/6/23
"I've been waiting all day for Americans..." 7/5/23
We love Split! 7/4/23
How long does it take to get to Croatia, you ask? 7/3/23
Mamma Mia, Here I Go Again 6/29/23
I love my girl πŸ’œ 6/23/21
What does a lighthouse have in common with the Taj Mahal? 6/22/21
A Little of This, A Little of That 6/21/21
Made it to Maine 6/19/21
Follow the Red Brick Road! 6/19/21
Location, location, location! 6/17/21
That's A LOT of Water! 6/16/21
And we're off! 6/15/21
I'll meet you in Chicago 6/12/21
A Quick Good-bye :) 7/11/17
Well, Air Zimbabwe won’t be getting anymore of my business! 7/3/17
Simply Awestruck 7/1/17
Made it to Victoria Falls 6/30/17
24 Hour Train Ride?! Whose stupid idea was THAT?! 6/29/17
Pterodactyl Poop 6/27/17
Penguins on the beach! 6/26/17
City Living 6/25/17
Hello, Cape Town! 6/23/17
Our Perfect Streak Continues! 6/21/17
No ostrich for me, thank you 6/20/17
SEVEN HOURS! 6/19/17
Treasure Hunting in the Diamond Mines 6/18/17
Life is A Highway... 6/17/17
Potholes! 6/16/17
Pictures! 6/15/17
The Circle of Life 6/14/17
Hyenas in the Pride Lands! 6/14/17
It's Raining Rhinos! 6/13/17
We found Utopia! 6/11/17
Cheerio, London! 6/10/17
The Crown Jewels and 221b Baker Street 6/9/17
Going With the Flow 6/8/17
Baylie Has Good Instincts 6/8/17
Smooth and Sophisticated World Traveler 6/7/17
A New Beginning 6/3/17
Brought down by a microscopic foe! 6/24/15
Escaping Guayaquil 6/16/15
Adios Cuenca! 6/14/15
Score! 6/12/15
Chasing Waterfalls 6/11/15
On the Road! 6/10/15
At what point do you heed a warning? 6/7/15
The wandering has begun! 6/6/15
A Little Later Than Planned... 5/28/15
This trip is winding down 8/8/13
Day trip to Lake Atitlan 8/4/13
A post from Shawn... 7/31/13
Baylie ditched us 7/30/13
Our unexpected tropical beach day 7/27/13
Festival fun in the park! 7/26/13
Extreme Brain Drain 7/24/13
Rookie mistake...again! 7/23/13
Finally Traveling Again! 7/21/13
The Mermaid of Cozumel 4/1/13
A Powerful Craving...not quite satisfied 4/1/13
The End...until next time! 4/2/12
Sorry, we told a bit of a fib... 3/3/12
That Shawn is a pretty cool guy 2/27/12
Slip Slidin' Away 2/21/12
Thank you, Thailand 2/17/12
World's Biggest Stone Frog! And swimming monkeys! 2/12/12
If packing is a contest...I win 2/9/12
Hello again, Hua Hin 2/8/12
Sandcastles, a slight breeze, warm water, and gentle waves 2/5/12
I can see clearly now the rain is gone.... 2/1/12
This is the DRY season?? 1/30/12
This place is SO cool! 1/26/12
The Pelhams are on the road! 1/25/12
The Frisbee thrown 'round the world 1/22/12
On the Move 1/22/12
Bon Voyage, Erin! 1/19/12
Just living in Thailand 1/16/12
I think my hiking days are behind me 1/11/12
Is there kickboxing in paradise? 1/7/12
Searching for paradise 1/3/12
Hey, we actually stayed up until midnight! 12/31/11
The worst part of travel....the actual travel 12/30/11
It's all the Euro's fault! 12/27/11
Our Cambodian Christmas Sleigh Ride 12/25/11
Merry Christmas! 12/24/11
Sightseeing around Phnom Penh 12/23/11
Phnom Penh 12/20/11
A great day with some great kids! 12/17/11
Busy, busy, busy! 12/16/11
Angkor Wasp 12/12/11
It's your own fault that snake bit you, Shawn. 12/9/11
To the Bat Cave! 12/9/11
Baby Elephant Day! 12/5/11
Unexpected Bangkok 12/5/11
Wait!...Where is this train going?? 12/3/11
Hangin' out in Hua Hin 11/28/11
Planning our next move... 11/25/11
New Pics in the photo gallery 11/21/11
Thai Massage 11/18/11
We have wheels...now I just have to remember to STAY LEFT! 11/16/11
I'm in heaven! 11/14/11
Travel day - WOO HOO! 11/13/11
You went all the way to India and DIDN'T see the Taj Mahal?! 11/9/11
Moving on 11/7/11
"Delhi Belly" Strikes! 11/3/11
Very limited connection right now... 11/2/11
Leaving Udaipur 10/30/11
Namaste from Udaipur 10/29/11
Flavor explosion in Mumbai! 10/26/11
Our Indiana Jones Day 10/24/11
Arrived in Cairo 10/23/11
Hey! Camels are taller than you think! 10/19/11
Baylie, please don't touch that eel! 10/17/11
We have arrived in....Egypt? 10/15/11
Excellent Last Day in Istanbul! 10/13/11
Dear Family, 10/12/11
Two days of rain 10/11/11
Back to sightseeing 10/8/11
It's not all glamorous and exciting... 10/7/11
Our first attempt to see Istanbul 10/4/11
Istanbul is gigantic! 10/4/11
Still hanging out in Selcuk...might never leave 9/30/11
Breakfast...the least recognizable meal of the day 9/27/11
On to Turkey 9/25/11
A Familiar Sight 9/23/11
Transportation strike day 2 9/23/11
Best Food Finally Found! 9/22/11
Transportation strike in Athens... 9/22/11
More on Rome... 9/19/11
Incredible Ancient Rome 9/19/11
Last Day in Florence 9/17/11
A Tuscan hike 9/16/11
Beautiful Florence 9/15/11
Incredible Venice! 9/13/11
Arrival in Venice...sort of 9/12/11
Last Day in Milan 9/11/11
Shawn's day out... 9/10/11
"Homeschooling" 9/8/11
Soaking up Culture 9/7/11
All is well, we are off the streets! 9/6/11
On the streets in Milan 9/5/11
What we have here is a failure to communicate! 9/4/11
Monaco - Shawn's "Formula 1-derful Day" 9/2/11
Snacking and Strolling Through Nice 8/31/11
Aaahh the French Riviera! 8/30/11
Thank you to some new friends! 8/29/11
Oh Sophia, we barely knew you... 8/28/11
Observations of Spain 8/27/11
Seeing the sights! 8/26/11
Loving Barcelona 8/23/11
Barcelona 8/22/11
Bizarre Tangier 8/22/11
Stacey Rubiy I need you!! 8/18/11
Gibraltar 8/18/11
Mastering the Metro! 8/16/11
Wow! 8/14/11
Not quite foreign, but not quite familiar... 8/13/11
Spain at last! 8/12/11
Foraging for food 8/9/11
Goodbye Grandma! 8/9/11
Goodbye Disney! 8/9/11
Glaciers and salmon and sled dogs...oh my! 8/7/11
Would you like gravy on that? 8/1/11
Today it's my aching butt! 8/1/11
Oh my aching feet! 7/29/11
Love Vancouver! 7/28/11
The wait is over! 7/28/11
Officially Vagabonds! 7/26/11
We love you guys and we'll miss you... 7/19/11
Moving Day! 7/13/11
Pics of Us... 7/1/11
Yard Sale Time! 6/30/11
Packing Begins 6/19/11
2nd Car Gone! 6/17/11
The To-Do List is Shrinking! 6/15/11
One Bag? Whose idea was that?! 5/30/11
Bumps in the Road 5/1/11
Does this come in travel size? 4/17/11
One Car Down... 4/4/11
What about the house? 4/2/11
So what, exactly, are we doing? 3/28/11
The planning process continues! 3/27/11
Getting Started 3/27/11